Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wheat Five Grain Italian Toast With Broiled Garlic, Marmite, Cheese, Tomatoes, Olive Oil and Herbs

This recipe is delicious and my own creation! Toast a few slices of wheat, five grain italian bread. Spread it with butter and rub a clove of garlic over each slice of toast. Spread a thin layer of Marmite (optional) over each slice. Marmite is a yeast extract with a savory taste which is available in some USA supermarkets. Add slices of gouda, havarti, swiss or cheddar cheese. Add halved cherry tomatoes, sprinkle with extra-virgin olive oil and oregano, thyme and parsley. Season with black pepper and salt. Broil in a Euro-pro or regular oven until the cheese is melted. Enjoy it for breakfast, as a snack or light lunch!

All images taken by me


  1. Oh my God!It looks mouthwatering!So easy to make,so nice to relish!Hugs from Greece,dear!

  2. Hi there...well, this looks so good! I don't know about the yeast extract I guess but it all looks just wonderful! Hope you are having a great Summer! :D

  3. Hi Julie, it is actually a vegetable yeast extract that originated in Great Britain. It has a savory taste. :)


    ....What a JOY to see these sparkling red tomatoes; decorated with wonderful profumed herbs on melted cheese and golden toasted bred....Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm;
    I am there in just a few minutes.........!!!!!!

    I do love snacks like that; actually I do adore them; because Light and Tasty and Genuine meals are my absolutely F A V O R I T E S ...!!!

    ......Photographed in this excuisite and elegant way as only You do.....SUPERBSUPERBSUPERB!!!!!!

    I know I am very repetitively: bu you should absolutely think to share your sublime food-photography.....!!

    I have got an adress, which you could love: There is an online magazine; very lovely, dedicated to the spirited and talented women over 50 ....soo cute; may be an Idea!!!
    I'll check out the address and let you know!!

    Soo good to be back in your world, cara amica...!!!

    The thunder-storm cristal drops are truly magic:
    pure and pure......I adore them!!

    ciao ciao ed un abbraccio forte


  5. this look s SO fdelicious...I might change the marmite for bovril? and lovely phototgraphy!

  6. OMG!! Lovingly photographed [and, no doubt, consumed] -- Let's see, what wine would go best with this scrumptious delight?! Keep them warm...I'm coming over...

  7. Hi Ingrid,
    I really enjoyed your blog, all the foods look so good! I see we have a lot in common- food, European design, Tuscany....
    I'm in photography school now, trying to get inspired by people like you. Take care ,
    Mary ( with The Universal language of photography)

  8. Ingrid,
    Thanks so much for viewing my other blog. I actually don't update it anymore since I recovered the other one! Thanks again!



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