Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lamu Style - Kenya

I was so impressed with the unique Lamu interior style that I decided to share with you some images of the rich, bright colors they use. As I mentioned before, Lamu is an island situated off the East African Coast close to the northern coast of Kenya to which it belongs. 

The style instills a sense of simplicity but is graceful and stylish. All the above mentioned images were taken at the dazzling rental homes of Lamu Retreats. The houses were inspired by Swahili architecture and have beautiful neru walls (made of cement and Indian pigment). The Swahili style originated from Arabia and Persia with a strong African influence. The homes are comfortably and tastefully furnished with Swahili style items.

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  1. Dit is absoluut stunning Ingrid....heeltemal my smaak..wens ek kan so 'n huis hier laat bou!

    Amé xxx

  2. Ag...ek is so bly jy het dit geniet Amé...dit maak alles vir my die moeite werd! Ek was glad nie bewus van hierdie styl nie totdat ek dit so drie weke gelede ontdek het. Die mense aan wie die huise behoort was absoluut wonderlik goed vir my met al die informasie en fotos...ek vertrou saam met jou dat julle so huis sal kan bou! Ixx

  3. If you enjoyed Lamu and its architecture and interior style then do have a look at some of the lovely photos on our site
    Lots of nice houses to buy to rent and to inspire

  4. What a unique place! Love the rich colorful cushions, netting on the beds and the walls. Also, spotted the gorgeous dark wood table. Love it!

  5. Thanks Andrew....will have a look on your site!

    Thanks Sandi, glad you enjoyed the interiors of Lamu...a very unique place!

  6. Oh Ingrid, to live on that boat- ahhhhh bliss! Those colors are wonderful on the walls, how do they do it? Do you know? I love the architecture of these buildings, inside and out, and the mish-mash of colors/patterns on cushions that just works!

  7. I am so glad you enjoyed this post on the Lamu is so different right? There are several ways to do the walls....I will send you an email on that one!

  8. When can we go????



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