Thursday, July 29, 2010

FRANCE...A Dream Comes True!!...continues...(2)

When I think about my visit to the french countryside and why I enjoyed my visit so much a few things come to was the lovely homes with blue shutters, beautiful gardens, fresh fruits and vegetables at the markets, the delicious pastries, fresh breads and wonderful cheeses, the quaint villages and of course the people that made my stay feel like a dream!

My special friend R was the perfect host, from the word "go" she made me feel so welcome. She is such a good cook, gardener and home maker......and the two of us never had a dull moment!

A beautiful and quiet corner in R's garden.....

French lavender........everything smelled so wonderful in her garden!

What a joy of life it was to sit and relax in this beautiful garden with its lovely smells of lavender, rosemary and basil, beautiful quiet corners, the sound of water dripping from a fountain with a special friend that made me feel so welcome........THE JOYS OF LIFE!

Till next time when I continue with my journey in the french countryside..........

All images taken by me

Thursday, July 22, 2010

FRANCE...A Dream Comes True!!

I have been to Paris thirty years ago but have dreamt for years and years about visiting the French countryside... Little did I know that my dream would come true in July 2010...! I have a very special friend that lives in the Loire Valley and great was my excitement when the opportunity arose for me to visit her. I flew to Paris on July 5th with a few butterflies in my stomach. I have been married for sixteen years and realised how dependant I became on my husband since being married. The idea to catch a train all by myself at Charles de Gaulle airport to the french countryside made me nervous and therefore I couldn't help to pray for an angel to assist me. The lady sitting next to me on the plane was very friendly and we immediately hit it off. She had to meet her friend who left the States a few weeks earlier at the train station at Charles de Gaulle. Great was my relief when she invited me to go with her to meet her friend at the train station. We laughed a lot at the airport looking for the right way to was like the blind leading the blind! It didn't matter to me because just having my new friend Diane next to me was very comforting.....

Finally Diane found her friend Mary and when she asked Mary to what train station they were going to I couldn't believe my ears....St. Pierre-des-Corps....the exact same train station I was going to! Now I had two angels to assist me!

My first angel Diane waiting for our train to St. Pierre-des-Corps on the platform.

Myself and Mary, my second angel waiting for the train to St. Pierre-des-Corps.

My first glimpse of the french countryside....

Another view from the train of the french countryside.

At St. Pierre-des-Corps I said goodbye to my two angels when I saw my friend R's smiling face amongst all the people. Everything was like a dream....

Arriving at her beautiful home with the prettiest garden we were greeted by three french ladies. They were friends of R and waited for an important package to arrive at R's home while she fetched me at the train station. I wish I had a video camera because these petite french ladies were laughing, smiling and talking in french to R while I stood there in total amazement, understanding nothing and enjoying the moment!

R's pretty garden with birds singing and the soothing sound of water dripping from a fountain that greeted me upon arrival!

R and her husband's beautiful home in the middle to the right....

What a lovely home....!

....and what a warm welcome....a beautiful room, card, gifts, fresh white french linen and white towels awaiting me!

The gorgeous view from my lovely bedroom onto the Loire river...

My bathroom above....with the best bathroom view in the world below!!

I have so much more to share with you but will have to leave it till the next few posts to be able to tell it all!

All images taken by me except image 3 taken by my friend Diane.


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