Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Photo by Avia Venefica

One of the greatest joys of life to me is sharing a lovely meal with loved ones by candle light with beautiful music playing in the back ground.

Lets face it, in today's world it is not always easy having a meal together because with music lessons, ballet, tennis lessons and work it can be tough but research has shown that having a meal together as a family has wonderful benefits for your children. A family that eats together stays together! When a family has conversations together it provides the opportunity for the family to bond, connect and learn from each other. You share happenings and the news of the day and give attention to your children. Having meals together as a family makes the children feel that they belong and they experience the warmth, love and security of a home. I will share more benefits of having a meal together with your family at a later stage. For now, please try to have meals together as a family!

My recipes are delicious and easy to make......try the Greek chicken with olives, carrots, lemon and celery......

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