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Natural anti-aging and health remedies!

Lemons and extra virgin olive oil!

Fifteen years ago my husband and I visited a family friend and he told us that he did research on the health benefits of lemons and that he was using it on a regular daily basis because it is so healthy. I went to the store a few days later and bought some lemons. My husband and I would cut it into wedges and squeeze the lemon juice all over our food. Ever since that day that we visited our family friend I had an interest in lemons. I have done a lot of research over the years on lemons and have seen and experienced the health benefits thereof.

Lemons have cleansing properties for your digestive system and resolves constipation. Lemon juice mixed with water and some honey first thing in the morning is a wonderful remedy to clean your body and therefore has a positive effect on the way your skin looks. To prevent constipation lemon juice can be mixed with a little warm water. It is rich in vitamin C and is a fantastic alkaline that stabilizes the acid levels in your body.

Lemons stimulate your metabolism and is rich in potassium which in turn is great for your heart. Lemon juice cleanses your blood and helps with acne as well as to control a fatty skin. Lemon juice is diuretic and gives relief in bladder and kidney disorders.

Lemon juice is wonderful to quench thirst when mixed with water.

Olive oil is a fantastic anti-cholesterol remedy and protects against heart disease because it controls the LDL (bad) cholesterol levels by raising the HDL (good) cholesterol levels. The health effects of olive oil are due to its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and its high content of anti-oxidative substances. Spanish researchers suggest that by including olive oil in your diet it will help with the prevention of colon cancer.

If you use olive oil on a regular basis it has anti-aging benefits. I started making a Greek salad dressing with olive oil, lemons and honey a few years back and have seen a remarkable change in the way my skin looks. My skin has improved remarkably! All of us want to be healthy and look our best, don't we? Start to use extra virgin olive oil, lemons and honey.

Invest in buying Extra virgin olive oil because it comprises the oil from the first pressing of the olives.
Virgin olive oil
is of the second pressing.
Pure olive oil
undergoes some processing such as filtering and refining.
Extra light olive oil
undergoes considerable processing and retains only a mild olive flavor.

Greek salad dressing:
1/4 to 1/2 lemon
1/2 to 3/4 cup of extra-virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon of honey
salt and pepper

Squeeze the lemon juice into a cup and add the olive oil and honey. Season with a little salt and pepper, if wished. Whisk the ingredients together just before the salad is served and pour over the salad and toss the salad.

I have found to start living a more healthy life style is to take it one little step at a time. Start with buying some lemons and squeezing a little bit of lemon juice into water and drink it in the morning and throughout the day. When you have the habit of doing that you can start with the salad dressing using extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and honey. I never buy salad dressings anymore because I use above mentioned salad dressing in all my salads....for some variation I sometimes add a little balsamic vinegar to my salad dressing.

To see anti-aging benefits you have to use it on a regular basis! Good luck and enjoy!

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  1. Thanks Ingrid! I never knew lemons and olive oil had so many health benefits. That was so interesting, and useful too!

  2. What a fabulous blog you have! I was in university koshuis with Ymile donkey's decades ago and recently connected with her on FB. I stumbled upon your blog as I wished to view the pictures of her beautiful Donna. What a find. Your blog is so inspirational!

  3. It's a wonderful article to know more details. I never knew that these lemons and olive oils have so much of health benefits. Thanks for sharing. It's better that the person uses natural anti aging than using the chemicals. Chemicals will damage skin in mere future.

  4. Thank you Marlene.....I am so glad you like my blog and appreciate you comment! Please visit again!

    Jackson....natural is always better..right? I agree, chemicals damage our skin and our health! My skin improved 100% since I started using olive oil and lemon juice!



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