Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kennedy's Beach Villa - Guest house

We have known Arwie and Ymile Kennedy for over twenty years. They are very warm and loving people and own a beautiful guest house in Onrus, South Africa. Onrus is located a few minutes away from the popular whale watching town Hermanus, close to the most southern tip of Africa. Kennedy's Beach Villa is an exclusive B & B or Self Catering villa and offers a private apartment for two guests at a time.

The Beach Villa is very inviting with elegant interiors and a warm atmosphere. It is a spacious open-plan Villa hidden at the estuary of the Onrus river. The en-suite room overlooks the beach and walks out onto a large deck.

The Villa has a beautiful view over the mountains, ocean and beach below with a milkwood forest that begins right outside the doors of the Villa and stretches all the way to the lagoon.

In complete seclusion and privacy underneath the milkwood trees is a free-standing antique bathtub for relaxation. There is a Victorian bathroom with a shower inside the villa as well. Aromatherapy massages are offered upon request for guests under the peaceful milkwood trees.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of the Kennedy's Beach Villa, it surely is a luxury, peaceful villa in a charming setting!

For more information about the Villa please contact the Kennedy's at


  1. Love the Guest House! Adore the antique bathtub in the milkwood forest, and those proteas are gorgeous! Thanks for showing us this exquisite place!

  2. Wow, stunning guesthouse, looks like the place to go for real luxury and to treat yourself!

  3. As always, what you share blesses and inspires me, Ingrid. I too have lemons - gorgeous, fat, and yellow, in my kitchen all the time now, just because of you. Your blog is lovely and I'm drawn into the pictures. Beautiful

  4. Take me to . . . the Kennedy guest house and Hermanus! I wish I had the time and money to go . . . but as Ingrid inspires . . . I will live in the moment and create my own "milkbath" at home in the meantime! Thanks for the inspiring thoughts and suggestions, Ingrid!

  5. Thank you everybody for your lovely is so encouraging to me!! "Anonymous" have the right idea.....take your own "milkbath" at home....I am impressed with your idea!

  6. Oh! to bath under the trees, under a full moon on a hot summer night- how romantic and peaceful! Another place on my list... Thanks for making me smile Ingrid!



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