Thursday, May 27, 2010

Incredible Beauty!

When I saw this I knew I had to share it with you all! These incredible beautiful trees are right in front of our home....and what a joy of life it has been to us! Our daughter said to me yesterday that these trees are so beautiful that she had to stand still and take time to take in all the beauty.

This tree is called the "Royal Poinciana tree" (Species name: Delonix regia) and is native to Madagascar. The most striking characteristic is its brightly colored flowers that range from bright red, to orange and even yellow.

Because of the bright colors of the flowers this tree is sometimes also called the "flame tree".

I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous trees!

All images taken by me


  1. just gorgeous, looks like fall, my favorite season!

  2. Hi Jain...I actually took these pictures yesterday and it is only during this time of the year that they a few weeks it will be all gone!

  3. Carissima Ingrid........
    DELIGHTFUL...this exotic beauty is soooo wonderful.....! The third last Photo shows it in its full splendour........!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I believe driving on this way takes a looooong time........; doesn't it?!!!????
    Does this BEAUTY has got perfumed blossoms....??

    MAGIC indeed............!!!
    Have a sunny and happy weekend, cara Ingrid!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  4. Hi Dearest Elvira!
    Thank you, thak you....!!! These trees are amazing and yes, everybody drives slowly here to admire the trees. This morning when we were waiting for our daughter's bus people chatted to us and it was all about the beautiful trees and there flowers!
    Unfortunately I didn't smell the it hasn't got the perfume that Gardenia's have!
    Yes, it is magic indeed!
    Have a great week-end in beautiful Tuscany!
    Ciao, ciao Elvira Ixx

  5. Wow, those are really beautiful photos. x

  6. I'm so glad you shared them because I have never seen them before...they are truly stunning! What a blessing to have them right by your home! :D

  7. Thanks for your visit Lauren and Julie! Julie isn't it amazing how many diverse and beautiful places there are on earth...all God's beautiful creation!! Ixx

  8. Hi Ingrid,

    I have never seen trees like this before! They look so exotic. To have them in your road.....lucky you. If they were in my road I would stare at them in wonder too.

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  9. Hi dear Madelief
    You are so sweet! I so wish I could mail you one of these trees...he-he!

  10. Hello Ingrid.........wooowwwwwwww AMAZING !!!!! i never seen such trees !!! so colurful !! i love wonderful.................hugs from Ria...............happy evening.........

  11. Hi Ria...oh I am so glad that I could share these lovely trees with all of you!!!! Blessings!! Ixx

  12. My pleasure Ingrid. From Durban to the States, wow!

  13. Ingrid, never ever have I seen such bright colors. What a color explosion. That shade of color is the loveliest. Your pictures just made me daydream of vacation! Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeousness. xx

  14. Hi Saskia! are right, it is a color explosion! As I have said before...I am so grateful that I can share it with all of you...thanks to technology!! Ixx

  15. Wow, thanks for sharing these trees. I have never seen any before. It's so strange to see this color in the summer. Very Beautiful!


  16. Thanks for your visit and kind words Donna! I really appreciate it! Unfortunately these beautiful flowers don't last for the entire summer...! Ixx

  17. I've never seen these before - they are incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing these, Ingrid!

  18. OMG! These are absolutely breathtaking! Where are these trees?

  19. Hi Renee...they are right in front of our home in Naples, Florida....aren't they beautiful!!

  20. What lovely pictures of the beautiful trees on your doorstep. I too have never seen them before. I thought the view from my window was lovely,but those colourful trees take some beating.I live in the French campagne, & one morning looked out of the window & saw a baby deer curled up on the doormat.A lovely thing to see, but you have the delight of seeing that blossom every year, lucky you.
    Look forward to seeing more pictures. Barbara



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