Thursday, May 13, 2010

Modern Mexican Interiors

Beautiful interiors are one of my greatest passions! While growing up in South Africa and then married to an architect and building contractor I was exposed to different kinds of architecture styles, interiors and gardens. We moved to the USA thirteen years ago and that is when I discovered and fell in love with the warm, rugged and stylish Santa Fe Style Homes. These homes with their romantic beauty originated from the Spanish and the Pueblo Style homes. Originally native materials were used in the construction.

I decided to share two lovely homes built and designed by a blogger friend of mine Ryannan Bryer and her husband Jim. Please visit her inspiring blog at  

Ry and her husband built these homes in the Modern Mexican Style. All the rooms of the first home opened up into a central enclosed courtyard and they enjoyed dining outside most of the time.

Double adobe walls finished with hand troweled plaster tinted with pigments from Italy gave the walls a rich colorful texture.

The natural materials and colors used in the Pueblo and Santa Fe style homes create this desired feeling of harmony with ones surroundings and make the homes feel "at one" with nature.

The exterior colors of Ry and her husband's second house was done in bolder colors because they got tired of the traditional brown color used all over in Santa Fe.

Clean lines characterize this modern mexican home and the kitchen counter tops were made of concrete.

A lovely idea of a stream of water coming out of the ceiling to fill the tub in the bathroom is unique but Ry said it wasn't too practical because water splashed everywhere...

Terra cotta planters and a beautiful painting bought in Mexico add character to this intimate space

I hope you enjoyed and found much inspiration from these beautiful homes built by Ry and her husband!

All images taken by Ryannan Bryer and she can be contacted at


  1. I think it is just beautiful! So serene and calm. I have always loved this the doors too, especially the blue one! ;D

  2. Thank you for visiting Julie.....I agree 100% with you...yes, the blue door really makes a statement!

  3. Hi Ingrid,

    I understand why you love these Mexican interiors. They look very warm and bright! All those colours!!!

    You were right about me liking purple. The purple/pinkish chair lighting up our living room. I had to laugh when I read it is a 'royal' colour! Didn't know about that!

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    lieve groet, madelief

  4. Dear Madelief

    Thanks for your visit....I studied the psychology of purple and it is very interesting. Kings and queens wore purple robes and purple is therefore associated with wealth, prosperity and rich sophistication.
    Liefde groete

  5. I understand why you like Mexican interiors.................. They look very warm and bright................ All those colours!!!............oh la la la ..........thanks for visiting my blog again !!

    It's so nice of you !! happy day tomorrow.....i must go to bed now it's very late............hugs from me Ria

  6. Georgous! I've got a book on George Washington Smith who is a Spanish Colonial Revival architect, I love the use of courtyards and private gardens, plus the fact the house opens into the courtyard...ahhhhhhh!

  7. Thank you Ria and Amber for your visit! Yes Amber, I love the house opening on the courtyard too!

  8. Muchas Gracias Ingrid for featuring my Santa Fe houses on your site!

  9. Ingrid, I've just visited Ry some hours ago..i love her work! I share this passion for beautiful interiors with you and i love what you wrote on your right column (yes...small things are definitely the best :-)
    Have a great week end!

    ps: and thank you for your lovely comment

  10. Dear Lala

    Thanks for your visit and kind words, I really appreciate it! Enjoy your week-end as well!

  11. Thank you for sharing the beautiful interiors -I love the warm colors. I also love the exterior shot with the blue door.
    You have an interesting blog!
    Have a good weekend,

  12. Thank you so much for visiting Carolyn! Must say....I love the blue door as well!

  13. I could move in! Beautiful colors, great spaces and very comfortable looking. Whenever I think about what I would want in a new house....a courtyard in the middle would be perfect and private. ( I would also connect it, somehow, to my barn). I wonder what it is like to have the money to do such things.

    Thanks for your visits and comments.

  14. Hello Ingrid,
    I enjoyed seeing these homes very much. I spent 15 years living in California and was fortunate to visit Mexico often, because my in-laws owned a home there. Beautiful architecture, and I've always thought that a central enclosed courtyard was such a wonderful idea!
    Thank you for sharing these lovely homes with us!

  15. Lori, I love courtyards...wouldn't it be nice to have an unlimited bank balance! Ixx

    Thanks Zuzu for your, what a privilege you had to visit your in-laws in must be another world with all the beautiful architecture, warm colors, etc. Ixx

  16. I just found your blog. It is so interesting. I loved seeing all the Mexican interiors.


  17. Hi Ingrid, so much pretty inspiration! Off to look a second time at your lovely images.. Do have a great new week! xxooxx

  18. Thank you Donna and Saskia for your visit....I am so glad you enjoyed the Mexican homes and interiors! Ixx

  19. What a lovely post. The interiors are beautiful, modernized takes on old classics. These are very successful rooms. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  20. Thank you Mary....may you have a blessed week! Looking forward to some more of your lovely recipes!

  21. Ingrid, thanks for sharing the Santa Fe style home interior design. I am attracted to sleek and simple lines with notes of warm and cool colors. Very lovely! You have an eye for exquiste decor.

  22. MAGNIFICIENT DETAILS of this warm, homely, natural pueblo style......The sun is all the colours...the materials....WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

    So lovely, Ingrid, you presented this fabulous work of Ry and her husband; I love her remarkable Photography Talent also...!

    Have a sunny and happy start in this new week, Carissima Ingrid!
    ciao ciao elvira

  23. Dear Christine and Elvira
    Thank you so much for your visit.....I am so glad that you enjoyed the beautiful homes of Ry and her husband. Yes Elvira, she has a great talent for photography as well!

  24. A modern house with mexican spirit is just a dream for me . Love every single detail

  25. So glad you enjoyed it Mélanie...thanks for your visit!

  26. gorgeous homes, i love ry's blog, fun you know each other~

  27. I agree Jain, thanks for your visit! Ixx

  28. Such beautiful interiors Ingrid. I love the adobe textured walls and the warm sunny colours and I especially like the courtyard garden space with its old weathered door and chairs.

    Thank you for this lovely tour and the link to Ry's wonderful blog.


  29. Hi Jeanne

    Thank you so much for your visit and I am glad you enjoyed the post!

  30. Mexican Doors, rustic furniture including antique dining tables
    and hacienda benches are things what's really make up the Mexican style.



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