Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot And Sunny Florida!

It is so hot and sunny here in Naples, Florida.....we have degrees in the 90's!!! My family tells me that it is snowing on the mountains in the Cape in South Africa where the World Football (Soccer) Cup is hosted. We really have the two extremes between the northern and southern hemisphere. It feels to me that hardly anything growing outside right now can survive this Florida sun and heat. My poor lavender plant couldn't survive but I will share some photographs with you this week of plants that have survived and still thrive in this humidity and heat!

Bloom where you are planted...even though you might feel you are in the fiery furnace!!

All images taken by me


  1. This earth is so amazing the way things do bloom where they are planted, adjusting and thriving...the flowers are very pretty! Come say hi :D

  2. Your flowers are so pretty !!! great colors great !!! but no summer here in Holland.,,,,today it was a good sunny day but this weekend it wil be cold here............let please the summer come!!....enjoy your evening ....hugs from me..........Ria.............bye darling........xxxxxx

  3. Thank you Ria! I hope you have sunny weather soon! Hugs.....!
    Bye, bye...Ixx

  4. lovely flowers looks very sweet

  5. Carissima Ingrid..........Ohhhhhh; ELEGANTISSIMA!!!!!!!!!
    The Header with its precious mediterranean specialities; magnificient rose roses; SUBLIME!!!!
    It reflects your passions...!

    ....Very elegant the new LOOK of Your JOY of LIFE; I just adore it!!!!!!

    ........Wonderful photography of your garden beauties........even if you have very high temperatures....your gorgeous flowers seem not to dislike them.....GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    A real JOY for the eyes!!!!!

    have a wonderful and happy weekend, cara Ingrid!
    ciao ciao elvira

  6. Hi Dear Elvira!!

    Thank you so much for all your encouragement and kind words! I must admit that your blog has been a tremendous inspiration to me for changing my entire blog look!! Honestly!!!

    I am so glad you like the new look!

    Enjoy your week-end as well!

    Ciao, Ciao dear Elvira!

  7. Hello!
    Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog!
    Your blogpictures are very nice to look at ; they call it food for the soul isn't it?
    Those beautiful flowers, chocolate cakes coloured stews, beautiful interiors!...
    You got a good taste!
    greetings from Fleur from Holland

  8. Thanks Fleur...I appreciate your kind words!

  9. What bright and fresh colors, Ingrid. Splendid!
    I have been in Florida 10 years ago. Hot, hotter, hottest indeed!! Keeping good memories of your gorgeous little corner in the world.
    Have a happy happy day. xx

  10. Thank you dear Saskia! Oh wow, wish I knew you when you were here 10 years ago.....yes, you are, hotter, hottest!! We stay in our air conditioned homes and cars...he-he!

  11. How beautiful I Ingrid! Uou are very lucky to have bougainvillea bloom there...they struggle here, except maybe for down south. that is waht makes the world so fantastic...the difference and uniqueness of each country!
    PS ;love the new header!

  12. Thank you Ronell, I must say that I love bougainvillea's and that I am so glad that they do well here in are right....the difference and uniqueness of each country is amazing!



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