Thursday, July 29, 2010

FRANCE...A Dream Comes True!!...continues...(2)

When I think about my visit to the french countryside and why I enjoyed my visit so much a few things come to was the lovely homes with blue shutters, beautiful gardens, fresh fruits and vegetables at the markets, the delicious pastries, fresh breads and wonderful cheeses, the quaint villages and of course the people that made my stay feel like a dream!

My special friend R was the perfect host, from the word "go" she made me feel so welcome. She is such a good cook, gardener and home maker......and the two of us never had a dull moment!

A beautiful and quiet corner in R's garden.....

French lavender........everything smelled so wonderful in her garden!

What a joy of life it was to sit and relax in this beautiful garden with its lovely smells of lavender, rosemary and basil, beautiful quiet corners, the sound of water dripping from a fountain with a special friend that made me feel so welcome........THE JOYS OF LIFE!

Till next time when I continue with my journey in the french countryside..........

All images taken by me


  1. What a beatuful place to be...the next time...i will go with you to and me together in that garden...oh la la la ......sound like joy !! hahahhahh!! amazing pictures darling...i love them.......happy Ria.....

  2. That is a dream for me because it will never happen...wish it could..that is all so beautiful, wish I had a friend like that! :D

  3. Carissima Ingrid............I do belive indeed that this enchanting, fresh an lovely french garden was the best place to chat and laugh with your dear friend; drinking coffee and tasting perhaps some heavenly french pastries or the unforgettable "pain au chocolat" or perhaps some delicate croissants....? mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

    carissima.....WONDERFUL PHOTOS ; they certainly are so inspiring...!
    ciao ciao and a happy weekend elvira

  4. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments...I really appreciate it!

  5. Your photography is so beautiful Ingrid! wish I had some of those moments now...!

  6. Hi Ingrid,

    It all looks wonderful! Who would not like to stay in such a lovely house & garden, where the host is a keen cook too?!!! Love to join you next time ;-)!

    Happy weekend!

  7. I feel like I am there! Eagerly awaiting the rest of the photos :-) Welcome back!!!

  8. Viva La France, Ingrid. Your pictures are gorgeous. Show us some more, I can never get enough of that beautiful country. Hope you are cherishing the most wonderful memories of your trip! xx

  9. Hi Ingrid, I will see the rest of your pretty pictures after returning... Off to visit Germany, close to France. xx

  10. Bonjour!
    I can see you had a great time in France...
    Beautiful pictures! What a lovely house you stayed at! And ...WHAT a all looked like a dream; isn't it?
    I can almost smell the lavender!
    greetings from Fleur from Holland



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