Thursday, August 12, 2010

FRANCE...A Dream Comes True!!...continues...(3)

I have such great memories of my visit to the french countryside and one of the highlights was sitting in R's beautiful garden watching her two cats and hens enjoying every corner of this pretty environment. R's two hens, Tartelette and Omelette arrived the same day as I did and they still had a lot of exploring to do.....

Tartelette and Omelette enjoying the wild roquette in the garden....... These two hens are so sweet and I am so inspired to get my own two hens back here in the USA. This will be something new for me but I am determined to make it work and I learnt a lot from R..... They had five star meals everyday and she just showered them with so much love.....

And then there are the precious cats....Tokala and Aiyani.......they are two of the most loving cats I have ever met. Aiyani took a while before she trusted me but Tokala came to me from day one and I must admit that she made me feel good because when I studied for a teacher years ago they told us not to study teaching if pets and children run away from you.....



To me....France would not be what I dreamt it to be without kitty cats, hens, lavender, blue shutters, etc. and I am so grateful that I could experience all of this in R's lovely garden with a café au lait in my one hand....!!

Till next time when I continue with the rest of my visit to the french countryside.....

Image 2 & 3 taken by R and all other images taken by me


  1. What a beauttiful images !! i like this atmosphere...what a lovely cats !!! ooooo so nice......happy evening darling hugs and love from me......

  2. it clearly shows your French vacation was a very very sweet one!
    Perfectly pretty pictures, Ingrid. Wishing you a very sweet weekend! xx

  3. Ingrid...all three sets of photos taken at Ronelle's look like they could be from a good French movie. A dream come true is right. One of her cats looks just like Seymour grown up.

  4. Dear Ingrid,
    I just read through all three posts of your wonderful French countryside visit. Everything is so gentle and beautiful! And the photographs make me want to get out my paints! :)
    Beautiful! I look forward to reading & seeing more!

  5. Dear Ingrid

    First of all its so lovely to hear from you, and secondly, re-aquainting muyself with your gorgeous blog has been an absolute delight this Sunday afternoon! I have just read all three of your French visit posts - your friend's house and garden are beautiful - I look forward to the next instalment.

    We are off to Limoges on 3 September and I can't wait!


  6. Hi there...I loved these pictures,makes me feel peaceful just to look at them! I love the names of the cute! Such beautiful cats too! Missed you! :D

  7. Amazing pics Ingie, well done friend!!I agree,the pictures want to be painted. looking forward to next installment. xxx

  8. I love seeing all your lovly photos so nice on the screen, they are SO beauiful, you have done a great job with your new camera have I missed your last posts? I now really miss you...
    OK. Off for that coffee I spoke about earlier.

  9. Carissima Ingrid.........You have got a wonderfully talented "artistic eye"!!!!
    You catched the soul of this "giardin enchanté" !!!

    Sweet velvet paws.....I love them too.......!!

    I do love indeed these two charming little lady chicken; soo funny!!!!!!!!!
    Carissima; this was a really pleasant little walk through this magic garden; I loved it!!!!

    ciao ciao ed un abbraccione elvira



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