Thursday, September 9, 2010


I don't know how you feel about the French countryside but I just couldn't get enough of it.....I hope you don't mind if I share some more photographs of villages in the Loire valley my friend R and myself visited! R was so sweet and drove me all over the place....I really don't know what this town was called but I loved the narrow streets, architecture and the texture and finish on the walls of the house to the right...

We travelled through sunflower fields, vineyards, etc.... and needless to say with my jaw dropping more and more.....could this all be for real?

We ended this lovely trip with a delicious late lunch.....

All images taken by me


  1. O wow......all that houses are wonderful.....i like France.......lovely pictures.......happy weekend Ria....

  2. Carissima Ingrid...........WONDERFUL....!!!!

    Magnificient French Countryside.....!!!
    Cara, I love particularly the sweet old church in the corner of the must be very old......its stone work tells it....You captured it really GORGEOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!

    Sooooo peaceful the steep roof of the little town; just like in a fairytalebook; isn't it?

    ...and the flowershop.....beautiful!!!!!!!!!

    ....So very lovely pics and at the end the hearty delicious lunch in the sweet kitchen!...I see six different "fromages"....hmmmmmmm délicieux...!!
    ...and the crisp fresh bred.....!!!
    You photographed this wonderful homely lunch "fantasticly"! Bravissima, Ingrid!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great week, carissima!
    ciao ciao elvira

  3. I love the old buildings, I wonder how much longer they can stand?! Love the ones with flowers..and I too love the sunflowers and poppies! What great memories you will always have! :D

  4. Ingrid...I have really enjoyed your tour of France, you lucky duck. Thanks for your sweet comments.
    Isn't Elvira a gas? What a photographer!!!!!
    Speaking of stunning header shots...I love yours!

  5. Dear Ingrid, As you so rightly say, France is a wonderful country and one which is so rich in history and in possession of such a beautiful and varied landscape. And the food, for me, is something very special.

    I have much enjoyed looking at your images - the small towns are, as you remark, so very appealing and, I believe, relatively unspoilt by the horrors of the C21. But, dear Ingrid, for sunflowers, come to Hungary where, in summer, the whole country is alive with these vibrant, nodding flowers. Acre after acre - it really is a marvellous sight and one I have never seen anywhere else in Europe.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. What wonderful tour, Ingrid. The sunfowers are so soooo F*R*A*N*C*E !!
    The sweet old houses.... sigh.... now I'm dreaming away.
    Have a happy Friday and a great weekend ahead! xxx

  7. ..sigh...feels so long ago, yet at the same time, like only last week. Tiem is such a funny thing, which is why it is wonderful to have loads of photos. And yours are SO beautiful!!
    My favorite is nr 13...that empty road leading somewhere - I love roads like these...leading us somewhere into a story...any story.

  8. I just love seeing these pictures of the beautiful charming, rustic and majestic views of France.

  9. Hi Ingrid,

    The sunflowers, the valleys with wine, the little villages....simply beautiful!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. Sigh. It's all so beautiful! I love everything you share with us, Ingrid!!! Thank you so much!
    ~ Zuzu

  11. Ingrid, I'm pretty sure I need to move there... soon. Can't get enough of your adventure--I do hope there's more to come ;-)

  12. Gorgeous photos, all of which remind me why I love living in this fabulous country...

    Leeann x

  13. Dear Ingrid

    I've just been reading through your posts again about your wonderful holiday in France. It really is so beautiful isn't it. Your friend's house is stunning - I love all those cosy corners. Her garden is a work of art!

    We came back a couple of weeks ago from our holiday in the Dordogne/Limousin area - there is a post on my blog and you may have already seen it ...

    I look forward to seeing more of your travels.




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