Sunday, October 10, 2010

FRANCE...Château de Chenonceau (10)

Château de Chenonceau is a castle near a small village Chenonceau in the beautiful Loire Valley. It was built on the site of an old mill on the river Cher. It reflects the combined influence of five women, who brought a feminine touch to this graceful building. First came Catherine Briconnet, wife of the royal chamberlain, who supervised the construction of the château. Later, Diane de Poitiers, Henri II's mistress, created a formal garden and built a bridge over the Cher river. After Henri's death, his widow, Catherine de Médici, reclaimed the château and topped the bridge with a gallery.

Catherine de Médici's gardens

Myself in the gardens of Château de Chenonceau

The old stables were turned into a restaurant for visitors

The Gallery

Bedroom of Diane de Portiers

Five Queen's bedroom

Bedroom of Catherine de Medici

Francis I's bedroom

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Château de Chenonceau! I will continue with our tour next time...

Images 1, 13 & 15 by Wikipedia. Image 4 by my friend Ronelle. All other images taken by me


  1. SUPERBE, carissima Ingrid!!!!!

    Le Chateau seems coming out of a beautiful Fairytale story book; so magnificient!!!
    Oh, there were important Ladies involved, to realize it!!!
    Certainly, the river besides and the delightful gardens frame it so wonderfully!!!!

    ....You look sooo sporty and elegant in this Allee.....beautiful!!!!!!!

    The window on the river......Fabulous!!!!

    ohlala...all the Ladies Bedrooms......gorgeous!!!!

    Wonderful guided tour in this enchanting Castle; cara Ingrid!!!

    ciao ciao ed a presto!!! elvira

  2. What a beautiful castle Ingrid.....and wowwwwww what a great trip !!.i enjoy each picture !!...happy new week love love love Ria...

  3. Dear Ingrid, What a splendid castle and situated in the most glorious gardens. I was most intrigued by your account of the involvement of so many women in the construction and decoration of the castle. It certainly looks as if it has a woman's touch!

    What a wonderful day for your visit. Everythng looks so pretty against that azure blue of the sky.

  4. Thank you for the pictures and the history. I'm not sure how a mistress and wife are able to co-decorate so exquisitely, but they did. Oh well, Henri must have been quite a guy ;-)

  5. Hi Ingrid,

    Such a pretty castle this is. We visited the castle about ten years ago, when the girls where still young. It's almost to good to be true!

    You look lovely on the photo. The outfit really suits you!!

    Wish you a happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Another wonderful France post, Ingrid. That castle is beautiful, the blue sky in the pictures is as pretty as can be.
    Next week we will visit France too for a couple of days. Will post pictures after that.
    Have a happy Tuesday! xxx

  7. Dreamy views and I love the garden. What a joy for you to see all this in person, Ingrid! And thank you so much for sharing it all with us!

  8. Oh, I forgot how beautiful your photos of Chenonceau were! the first one of the gardens and the chateau is stunning and of course I love that one of you stanind with the trees behind you...I have that one too...
    Wonderful memories

  9. haaai...ek wou nounet weer kom comment los, want ek het so gesukkel gister en op 'n kol word ek toe sommer net heeltemal muitgesny en dag toe my comment is daarmee heen...ek sien hy is op die ou end toe darem deur. Ons het die naweek 'n vriend ier van Stellenbosch en ons loop toe ook weer rond in Tours en toe dink ek aan jou!!

  10. I loved the bedrooms! This must have been a trip of a life time..I know it would be for me..just awesome! :D

  11. This is an absolutely palatial estate! I love that landscape shot showing how the castle is built over the water.



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