Sunday, May 15, 2011

Remarkable Women ~ Part Two: My Tuscan Experience

I have met so many remarkable women. This is a series about women that are not famous or infamous, but they are hidden gems of society and deserve attention. Some of them have gone through severe trials and hardships, and still do, but they have risen above their circumstances and still see and enjoy the beauty in life. In the previous post I visited my girl friend Silvia at her Tuscan style home in Naples, Florida, USA and decided to do another post on her because I knew you would enjoy another afternoon of cappuccino and tea at her beautiful home...

Silvia made some German flower cookies and we enjoyed it with fresh strawberry and berry jam that she made.

It was wonderful relaxing and enjoying each other's company at this beautiful table ...

She has the most beautiful tea cups and it was difficult to choose a cup to drink tea out of...

It felt like we were in Tuscany with this beautiful view...

Pepper enjoying the sunlight! She is one of the sweetest and friendliest cats I have ever met...

Room with a view...

We sat at this cozy fireplace in the hot Florida summer while she put the air conditioning on cold. It was quite an experience...!

All images taken by me


  1. Dear Ingrid,

    It must be a joy being Silvia's guest and enjoying the lovely treats and her beautiful home! The cups and saucers look absolutelty beautiful!

    Have a happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  2. Sure doesn't look like Florida. What a place!

  3. Wow!! Simply wonderful images worthy of gourmet magazines!! Brava.

  4. Once again your photos took my breath away!You are lucky to have such friends!Love everything I saw in the photos especially the cute cat!Have a nice day,dear!

  5. The next time i come and join o my ...all looks wonderful...have a funny week !! love

  6. My dear Ingrid
    You'd swear that you are in Tuscany, Italy!
    It's so stylish and homemaker this woman!
    All are elegant as befits along with you!
    Lots of kisses

  7. My dear friend Ingrid
    Thank you very much for your beautiful words!
    Please, if you have some time, come to my blog and look at my previous post, entitled Keukenhof Gardens.
    I do not want to lose. I am sure, you will love it!
    Is a place in Holland, like Paradise!
    Many kisses

  8. That is awesome, and she does have the most beautiful tea cups ever..and home! :D

  9. Beautiful Ingrid! and that enticing cappuccino!!

  10. Dear Ingrid.
    Those colours and those flavors, make me fly.
    Wonderfull photos.

    Thank you.


  11. Thank you Ingrid for your word. We´ll met again.
    Good night.


  12. Thank you dear Ingrid for your message on my blog. I am indeed very well and hope the same goes for you too. I have enjoyed reading about your friend Silvia and drooling over the photos of her stunning home! It is quite fitting that you dedicate these posts to her, she is clearly the most wonderful host.

    That tea-set is exquisite!


  13. What a surprise... to find Tuscany in Florida :)
    And what a pleasant surprise!! It all looks wonderful & personal & just too sweet!
    Can imagine you'll wanted to leave anymore ;)
    I wish you a lovely weekend!
    Bisous from Versailles,



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