Friday, March 12, 2010

Fabrics: Lee Jofa - Mulberry Home

Fabrics are such an important part of interior spaces and we are surrounded by it almost all the time. Fabrics are probably the most versatile of all furnishings because it contributes color, pattern and texture to an interior space. I just love fabrics and always touch, feel and even smell fabrics. Fabrics are available in such a vast range of choices that it can become quite complex to choose the right fabric.

Because fabric is a composite of fibers and threads, the colors never appear flat and gives it the greatest potential of all man-made materials for achieving the most beautiful colors in nature. I personally believe that interior spaces should reflect a persons taste and personality with the guidance of an interior designer. Fabrics are usually chosen for its color and therefore no matter how beautiful a fabric's color and pattern looks or how luxurious it feels, it should appeal and be liked by the occupant.

I am sharing the following fabrics of Lee Jofa - Mulberry Home with you because of the rich colors and the sense of opulence they evoke.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of all these gorgeous fabrics!

For more information on Lee Jofa's colletion of fabrics

All images by Lee Jofa


  1. Love the photos! So lavish, so rich! I think it takes a special gift to create a room like this!

  2. Lieflike kleure...maar die Lamu Style Kenia bly nog my FAVE
    ek hou baie van daardie 3de foto met die rooi gordyn en kerse op die! Amé

  3. Amé...ek sien jou so met die Lamu styl interiors!! Ek lief ook die derde foto.......gaande oor die chandelier en rooi gordyn en ouerige skildery teen die muur....

  4. Thanks Ingrid...I'm on the lookout for fabric for two old rattan chairs and these fabrics have given me some inspiration...they are all so beautiful. you're right, fabric can make or break a piece of furniture!

  5. Thanks Ronell...hope you find some beautiful fabric for you two rattan chairs!

  6. Wonderful,Really it gives a royal touch for dream home and fabulous collections.i would like to introduce some fabrics which is created by own and you may like it.
    Lee Jofa Fabric



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