Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today we are visiting Tours, the largest city in the Loire Valley. I had no idea what to expect as my dear friend R drove me to Tours in her blue car.... We were chatting and laughing and eating apricots in the car while I was admiring our beautiful surroundings of the Loire Valley. I am so grateful that I had R as my personal guide because she drove us through the narrow streets of Tours, knew where to park, where to stop for a cool drink and showed me all the places of interest!

A refreshing lemon flavored French!

Hôtel de Ville (City Hall) in Tours..

Strolling down  a flower market.....

Until next time when we continue our trip through the city of Tours....

All images taken by me.


  1. Dear Ingrid, This looks like a perfect day for me and so very continental. Sitting outside on a café terrace people watching, eating delicious food in newly discovered restaurants and strolling through the streets making discoveries at every turn. What bliss and how perfect to have such a knowledgeable companion!

  2. Again .......wonderful pictures !! ...wowww and all that flowers coming from Holland ......hahahahhahha!!....lovely day Ria........

  3. Oh, so lovely Ingrid!! I'm so proud of our hoel de is beautiful non? And the markets, the is all starting to look a bit diffrent here now with the winter approaching and yesterday was our first day of autumn. Was a beautiful day, but with a crispness in the air. you should come over with your camera, becasue autumn has it beatuy too everywhere else!

  4. Hi Ingrid,

    Your pictures bring back the holiday feeling! Those terraces, t-shirts and slippers......What a pretty town Tours is. Is that you on the 7th picture with the blond hair?

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet

  5. Thank you everybody for your lovely comments! Ronelle I so wish I could be there right now with my camera! Madelief that is not me on the 7th picture...but it could be right??....He-he.... :)

  6. I was hoping that you had posted more on your trip to France! Everything is so lovely - I think it would have been hard to come back home again! :)
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Ingrid!

  7. Carissima Ingrid.....What a charming, sunny and friendly village; Tours.....sooo very french....soooo very delightful...!!!

    All the flowers, the fresh colours and the Cafés.....My Dear, you photographed this joyful place gorgeously.....!!!!!!!!

    I do love indeed the colourfull details; your ARTEYE is fantastic........!!!!!!!!

    Carissima....thank you sooooooo much for your last comment in my Tuscany in absolutely
    PERFECT ITALIAN....!!!what Joy for me to read it; I loved are amazing..!
    Thank you so very much, cara Ingrid!!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful, happy and sunny weekend!!!!!!

    ciao ciao ed un abbraccio elvira

  8. Thanks for the tour...Iloved the tall house with the blue roof and the flowers..oh my, that must smell so good! :D

  9. The weather is so crappy here that I am thrilled to come here and visit your perfect weather in France! I am totally intrigued by this photo I just want to snap my fingers and be there!

  10. Ingrid, your photos of Tours are beautiful. I particularly love the side cafes, bakeries and the colorful street florals especially the stunning sunflowers. Thank you for taking me on a virtual tour of this lovely place! You definitely live a charmed life!



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