Thursday, September 30, 2010


This week we are continuing our trip through Tours, the largest city in the Loire Valley. I am taking you through narrow streets with restaurants, cafés, brocante stores, lush creepers and beautiful architecture adding to the personality and appeal of this lovely city.

My friend R and myself stopped for a Sunday morning breakfast at a side-walk café...

Now who can resist these mouthwatering French pastries?

A French bakery called a Boulangerie..

Myself, enjoying a fresh croissant and café au lait...

The cathedral of Tours

Till next time...

All images taken by me except image #12 taken by my friend R


  1. If I had been there...I would want to pack up and move there! Love it all..the buildings, the chairs, the pastries and the beautiful! :D

  2. Carissima Ingrid, ENCHNTING so ENCHANTING; this MAGIC walk through these pretty old little streets in Tours; charming and also romantic...!

    I am admiring the lovely colourfull decorated pastry and tartelets and would LOVE to order at least one of each one and a caffe au lait...hmmmmm, heavenly looking!!!!

    ohh, I love croissants also......!!!!

    What a lovely walk and what a delightful portrait of french savoir vivre, culture and magnificient architecture!!

    All my compliments, the photography is GORGEOUS, carissima Ingrid!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend...ciao ciao elvira

  3. France est magnifique, sweet Ingrid! I love your pictures of the windows. When being abroad I also visit a couple of churches!
    Have a wonderful weekend. xxx

  4. Oh la la la la beautiful it !! out my next post !! so France loev love Ria...

  5. Beautiful photots again lekker omd it weer te kan sien en so lekker groot hier op jou blog! Alles lyk nou so biejtie anders al met herfs in die lug..en soos ek laas gese het...jy sal nou ook moet kom...die kleuere is beautiful!! ek kuier weer lekker as jy jou fotos weer wsy!

  6. Dear ingrid, yet another fascinating insight into this part of France which remains relatively unknown to me. The flower shop, as indeed all the shops you show here, looks so stylish and elegant. Always restrained, but with an eye to every detail, the French present things so beautifully that one is instantly tempted to buy!

  7. The tall cathedral and the immaculate gardens are breath taking. It still boggles my mind how the French can eat all of that wonderful flaky pastry without gaining an ounce.

  8. Hi Ingie, Beeeautiful as always! Ditto for everything said above. You look as elegant as those shops my friend. I would've been out of place with my jeans and t shirt.. :) Looking forward to the next installment. (My hubby found a way around the problem of me not being able to leave a comment. Hooray for clever husbands!!)

  9. Love your pictures of your visit to Tours, A place I have only ever driven around the 'banlieue'before I moved to France from the UK to live here permanently,now I wish I'd have gone into the city it looks beautiful through your eyes.


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