Thursday, October 21, 2010

FRANCE...Château de Chenonceau gardens...(11)

In the previous post I shared about Château de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley and how it reflects the combined influence of five women who brought a feminine touch to this graceful building. This week I would like to show more of the gardens. I always dreamt of a life in France in a château with beautiful gardens. Gardens with tree-lined forests, fruit groves, sumptuous flower beds, elaborate topiaries and water fountains where I could stroll, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birds sing and enjoy the beauty!

I could easily live here but I think we can all cultivate a tranquil retreat of our own even in the tiniest of spaces where we can indulge in the wonderful fragrances of flowers and herbs and enjoy tea or lunch with friends. Gardens provide us with a place to relax in the fresh air and where we can connect with nature again...

All images taken by me


  1. Dear Ingrid, I know that I should love this garden. The formal structure is beautifully executed and holds together the whole scheme very strongly. In addition, the massed plantings in the urns, repeated the length of the wall is absolutely spectacular. And, finally, the calm simplicity of the green avenue. Perfect!

  2. Beautiful indeed! I love nature. By admiring the gardens, I can see the touch of man where the beauty of flowers, trees, grass, stone and architectural structures play a dramatic roll bringing out wonderful results and ultimately, pleasing to the human eye!

  3. Owwww....Ingrid i really like your France pictures...again....and .....again......lovely to see.....thanks for and joy from me Ria...

  4. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments!

  5. Love it all..the urn's are gorgeous..I love how women used to be portrayed as real women! The gardens are beyond awesome too! :D

  6. Oh, how I wish I could prop one(ot even two) of those urns into my bag and quickly crawl away from there before someone sees me....and that tree lanes is so beautiful. I could live there...with the garden and the kitchen...and the huge fireplace...I'll be only in oe of those three places all the time..

  7. INGRID!!!! My hands are still shaking. Guess what? I've been there the day before yesterday!! I saw these big white potteries in a line and thought, well, WHAT IS THIS? Looked back at your previous post, I have a similar shot in the big lane with these gorgeous trees. This is sooooo much fun! Will post next week and link to you.
    Okay, now that I'm a bit more calm, I will look at your pictures one more time .^_^.
    Happy hugs for a most wonderful weekend! xxxx

  8. Just me again, I've been in Tours too. It was late already and it got dark, we drove through Tours by car. The cathedral looks amazing! xxxx

  9. Carissima Ingrid.....

    SUBLIME Photos of these white artistic Flower pots ......sooooooo delicate and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

    Certainly; these Fairytale-Gardens are a dream...WONDERFUL.....!

    Your fabulous photos show the beauty of the at their best...!

    I am certain the gardens must be huge and walking through a paradise of perfumes and colours!!!!!

    What a enchanting "passeggiata" with you in this royal garden....!!!!!

    ciao ciao Ingrid ed un abbraccio forte!!!!!


  10. It's incredible, Ingrid! The more photos you share, the more in love I fall. The rose trees are incredible... as is the garden design... and the architecture... all of it so very beautiful!

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment over at my blog - how I treasure my blogging friends!

    Happy weekend to you,
    ~ Zuzu

  11. Thank you so much everybody for visiting and your lovely comments!
    I :)

  12. Thank you dear Ingrid for your very thoughtful and caring comment at my blog. Your wise words have stayed with me and I am so very appreciative of them.

    Looking through this post and the ones preceding it reminds me that there is so much beauty in the world - in nature and through our own need to build and nurture beautiful things and buildings. The Chateau Chenonceau is one such place. Thank you for sharing your memories of this very special trip, a country very close to my own heart.




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